We all know the “Got Milk” campaign by now. We’ve seen countless posters of sports heroes like Michael Jordan or Mia Hamm with milk mustaches (gross), and the campaign has continued as our sports heroes change.

To adapt to the times, the Milk Processor Education Program (known as MilkPEP for short, which is fun), is adding NFTs to the campaign as a way to attract modern-day consumers who want a little pizzazz in their promo.

MilkPEP recruited NFL stars JuJu Smith-Schuster, Terry McLaurin and Justin Herbert for the campaign, where certain products will have special labels with scratch-off games. Customers can scratch to reveal that they’ve won specially minted NFTs of varying rarity. They can also scan QR codes on milk labels to get a scratch-off for the campaign, according to Dairy Foods.

NFTs occupy a weird gray area in the promotional marketing world. They’re increasingly being used as promotional products, but they’re not real, physical items. This new Got Milk campaign, though, shows one way they can be incorporated along with printed products like labels and QR codes. They can act as the “prize inside” without actually requiring a physical product.

Of course, Got Milk is still using physical branded merchandise in other ways, like this campaign teaming up with creators to put their favorite milk pairings on streetwear:

For #NationalMilkDay we asked some of our favorite creators for their unique milk pairings and turned their go-to snacks into unique art pieces for streetwear 📸

🥛 + ? = ❤️

What would your @gotmilk hoodie look like? pic.twitter.com/wMN3RpF1FP

— got milk? (@gotmilk) January 11, 2022

LET ME HEAR YOUR MILK PAIRINGS! I’ve partnered with @gotmilk to turn my most unique milk pairing into the freshest piece in my wardrobe and now it’s your turn! drop em below and show me how you’re keepin’ it real! #NationalMilkDay pic.twitter.com/VAh3f0OILf

— STUPID BIG TEETH (@emmymhartman) January 11, 2022

NFTs are big right now, so it makes sense for brands to ride the wave, especially if their target audience is younger consumers. Tying them in with a real printed product like a label or scratch-off game makes them more accessible while acting as a tried-and-true delivery method.

All that is even better when you can get people to drink their milk so they grow up big and strong.

Brendan Menapace is the senior digital editor for Promo Marketing. While writing and editing stories come naturally to him, writing his own bio does not.