The social networking platform for NFT artists and collectors has been launched globally with real success.

NFT creators have the chance to show their talent to tens of thousands of collectors.

NFT Feed unites all NFT enthusiasts (Non Fungible Tokens) giving them the opportunity to socialize, post like any other social network, promote and interact with other members NFT & Crypto-themed materials.

It is a step forward in terms of the NFT community that has grown aggressively lately, says the company’s co-founder.

The advantages that users have go beyond current social barriers and Marketplaces, giving members the opportunity to interact niche on a growing topic with a large volume of interest in acquisition and creation.

Users have their own Marketplace where they can promote their creations and also associate the other global Marketplace platforms on which they have already listed products, have their own profile, where they can share messages, promote their works globally and validate all the needs they they might have them such as blogging, publishing, selling, developing as an artist or collector.

Being a social network, it offers users exactly what they need to launch, namely recognition, interaction, flexibility and potential. The lack of borders or publication costs have already helped the platform gather tens of thousands of members in just a few days.

Users can register for free on and start their work as artists or collectors instantly.